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Winter Sports

Tri-City Landscape Park made it possible to create a 300 metre T-bar lift situated on Łysa Góra. This is the only place in Poland where one can look at the sea while skiing. It is also a perfect place for the enthusiasts of snowboarding. Attractive forest grounds in Sopot forest are ideal for practicing ski runs. There is also an ice-rink on the land part of the Sopot pier, which can be used by 100 people at the same time.

Łysa Góra
Łysa Góra



The Sopot Sailing Centre comprises the windsurfing school Sopot Surf, the Sopot Sailing Club and the Sopot Windsurfing and Water Rescue Centre. The latter was established in 2013 and the construction project included erecting three buildings with house medical rescue, sailing training and motor development, namely a hydrotherapy pool, sauna, rooms for high altitude training and aerobic capacity training as well as an M.D. consulting room.

Sailing Club
Klub Żeglarski

ul. Hestii 3, Sopot


tel: 58 555 72 00


Trefl Sopot
Trefl Sopot

Plac Dwóch Miast 1, Sopot

tel: 58 551 09 45


Athletics Club
Sopocki Klub Lekkoatletyczny

ul. Wybickiego 48, Sopot

tel: 58 551 23 60


Aqua Park Sopot

ul. Zamkowa Góra 3-5, Sopot



Centrum Sportowo - Rekreacyjne Centrum Sopot

ul. Zacisze 7/9, Sopot

tel: 58 551 23 11, 792 866677



The Sopot tennis courts have provided an excellent opportunity of spending time in an active fashion since 1897, when the first tennis court was opened. At the moment 14 courts are open to the public, including 7 indoor courts and 2 hard courts, which means that 25 tennis matches can be played simultaneously. The spectators can admire the court action from the stands.

Sopocki Klub Tenisowy

ul. Ceynowy 5, Sopot

tel: 58 551 35 30


Sopockie Towarzystwo Tenisowe STT

ul. Haffnera 80, Sopot

tel: 58 685 05 38, 609 690 644


Located on the boundary between Sopot and Gdańsk, Ergo Arena is one of the the largest and most advanced sport and entertainment arenas in Poland, with seating capacity of 11 000. Owing to its versatility, the venue can host a wide range of events, including cultural events, any chosen team sport matches, motor sports, equestrian events, and even ice hockey or windsurfing.

Ergo Arena
Ergo Arena

Pl. Dwóch Miast 1, Sopot



Since 1898 horse racing events have been held regularly at the site of today's hippodrome. In 2013 a major revitalization and extension of the Sopot Hippodrome was completed, which resulted with it being one of the leading horse racing venues in Europe. The surface area covers 38 ha 9685 square metres, including the Orange Hall complex, stables for 112 racing horses and for 74 recreational horses with box stalls as well as 220 box stalls for horses in the stable buildings.


ul. Władysława Łokietka 1, Sopot